You want to be a brilliant copywriter for your coaching business


and *I* want to help you tap into that superpower STAT


Hey, legend! I'm Miish (she/her)

I'm a copywriting coach for life coaches.

My work is all about helping you build and hone the copywriting skills to be more yourself, more compelling AND better understood

I want you to be able to access the skills to write in a way that resonates with your best-fit clients AND with who you are as a creative force of nature.

Your copy is your most powerful tool for your creativity and brilliance to be FELT by your reader

That's why I want to help you build this prowess for you + your businesses benefit.

Before I became a copywriting coach, I used my psychology-backed copywriting skills to craft the works: sales pages, welcome emails, launch emails, about pages, landing pages… you name it!

My ability to use copy to make people feel seen, heard and understood (all while distilling the personality and essence of the legend I’m writing for into words) has helped my clients launch 5- and 6-figure coaching programs and courses and build businesses that do justice to their gifts and talents.

Sounds nice, right? BUT – just as importantly, it showed me what this growth and success really meant for my clients — it allowed them to move closer to the Lizzo-level impact they’re here to make.

I have unwavering belief in the opportunity and possibility that being a skilled copywriter for creates for you as a life coach

Because when you’re able to effectively communicate

  • The value of what you offer
  • The impact your work can have in the lives of others
  • Why it’s in your reader’s/listener’s/potential client’s best interests to take you up on your offer….

…and you’re able to do so in a way that treats the person you're talking to like the powerful motherfucker that they are...

That’s when you have the tools to make an abundant income from making a positive impact on the world in the way that you do.

The world changes exponentially for the better when you have these skills and feel confident using them to grow your business.

This is also why I prioritise my values of inclusion and equity in my business.

Click here to learn more about my commitment to these values o' mine

"Hire her in a heartbeat"

“What can I say about Miish as a copywriter other than she's a divine wordswoman with a heart of gold to match? Not a great deal except she's also a delight to work with, understands the uniqueness of online communication and makes us at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy sound wholly heart connected to our mission and message. Which we are. Working with Miish is a dream and if you're looking for a brilliant and heart centred copywriter you should hire her in a heartbeat.”

– Julie Parker (she/her), CEO/Founder Beautiful You Coaching Academy

These days, I coach and consult with my clients so they’re able to create this kind of copy for themselves

By perfectly complementing the bucketloads of creative prowess you’ve already got goin’ on, you’ll be armed with the skills and understanding to communicate with your peeps in a way that helps them *decide* to go for the transformation you offer.

You’ll know how to take the people you’re most excited to work with from side-line-sitters (bleugh!) to adoring clients and students that sing out “SIGN ME UP!” (no sleaze required).

Beautiful You Academy Certified Life Coach
Simone Grace Seol

"Miish is my secret weapon"

"I’ve already been a copywriting expert on my own right, so I didn’t work with Miish because I needed help coming up with pretty words.

I worked with her because I wanted more than a skilled technician. As a multi-million-dollar CEO, I need someone who can think and imagine at my level... and more importantly, love my clients just as much as I.

She’s a partner who not only understands the scale and depth of my vision, but also has the strategic eye to be able to spell it out for the reader in the way that I couldn't because it's "too close" to me, while keeping its wildness and magic, without dumbing any of it down. That is an art form, and Miish is a master of it.

In 2020, when I started selling group programs, she helped me create the sales page that became the rock to my launches. I bring in consistent revenue without aggressive marketing campaigns because my sales pages are so strong. People tell me over and over again, ‘the sales page sold me,” “I knew after reading this sentence that I HAD to buy from you.”

The numbers speak for themselves. The very first launch that Miish helped me with brought in $110K. The 5th brought in $700K.

I will never stop working with her, because every time I do, I make massive amounts of money — and in a way that feels so joyfully in integrity with the heart of my business. It makes deciding to work with her a no-brainer.”

– Simone Grace (she/her)

"I love that my voice was never curated into a robotic marketing strategy"

“When I decided to work with Miish, I was ready to inject some fresh energy into an upcoming launch to be able to really see and serve my audience. I wanted to tap into her zone of genius to make sure my audience could fully receive and feel the heart + power of my offerings.

I LOVE that we felt like a creative team! I love that my voice was never curated into a robotic marketing strategy -- I can read the full sales page and it sounds exactly like me, to the point that I want to sign up for my own offering - ha! And I LOVE that Miish brings so much genuine JOY and EXCITEMENT to the whole process.”

– Tracey Spencer (she/her)

Tracey Spencer

A few morsels of me to graze on:

  • I have two bilingual springer spaniels — Moshimoshi and Yuki. They run around with me on our dairy farm on the horribly picturesque and nature-riddled island of Tasmania aka Hannah Gadsby’s home ground. (Look at me trying to ride your coattails, Hannah!).
  • Back when Pokémon Go was the leading cause of physical activity worldwide, I was teaching English in the middle of Japan. These days, I involuntarily salivate at the mention of ‘sushi’ and ‘dango’— a fun game to play if you ever wanna see a grown woman drool.
  • I’m keen as beans about sustainable farming, mindful living and my dream for every dairy farm to have big, motorised brushes for the moos to enjoy.

Think we might have some magic to make together?


Click below to find out how I can support you to communicate the brilliance of your offers.


Communicate your brilliance
Miish xoxo

"Miish is clearly her zone of genius"

“She has a very defined way and process of working — our kick-off call was awesome! Miish asked some very intuitive questions that led to a deep and meaningful discussion. This meant she was able to provide advice on what would be a better approach for my offers.

Miish is not only able to deeply understand your ideal client, she’s also able to connect that insight with the best way to communicate to them. I particularly enjoyed the video she provided going through the entire copy explaining how and why she had framed it the way she did.

I'm so happy with my copy and feel it truly speaks to the heart of the issue I wish to solve. Miish is a godsend and a real professional.”

– Annie Gichuru (she/her)

Tracey Spencer
Simone Grace Seol

"Working with Miish is an absolute dream"

“I'm truly blown away by the way she is able to transfer my vision into my copy, which SO many of my clients comment on.

Not only did I get an incredible sales page, she also taught me about using the voice of my client as well as providing some epic email content for my launch.

Miish really is a word wizard and collaborating with her saves me so much stress and time. I honestly can't recommend her enough.”

– Jaci Rogash (she/her)

"Now I have the skills to create copy that meets my clients where they're at and feels SO delicious for me to write too"

“Before working with Miish, I was knee deep in not knowing what to do next and still wanting to make the switch from my food publishing business to fully claiming my coaching business. She had been on my radar for several months prior and I intuitively trusted and knew that she was the copy coach I needed.

Now I have the skills and confidence to create copy that meets my clients/audience where they're at and feels SO delicious for me to write too.

In the space of three months, I wrote my coaching sales page and group coaching sales page, a 7-day email launch PLUS I developed an absolute LOVE for consistently (twice weekly) emailing my community - something I’ve never enjoyed or stuck with in the past!

Coaching with Miish is the kind of thing that transforms how you show up in your biz and for your clients. Working with her has given me exceptional clarity and confidence around how/what I share and how I communicate in general.”

– Tracey Pattison (she/her)

Tracey Spencer
Simone Grace Seol

"I loved how easy the process was"

“When I came across Miish, her energy SCREAMED a big, YES to me!!

I worked with Miish to help me articulate the new direction of my business. I kept getting overwhelmed and overcomplicating things...I knew what I wanted to say, but needed help saying it in a way that *my people* get.

I loved how easy the whole process was. I am this unique and crazy mixture of fluffy and jargony and to have someone 'speak Amy' and then articulate words EXACTLY how I meant them made my face have ALL the heart eyes.

This next phase of my business is a huge pivot - Miish has helped me to articulate what's IN MY HEAD and match them to the language of my ideal client!!! I'm PUMPED!”

– Amy Cox (she/her)

I acknowledge and pay my respect to the Palawa — the traditional owners and cultural custodians of the lands, skies and waterways I work on and beneath in my primary place of business in Pataway (Burnie).

I acknowledge and honour Palawa Kani, the language that was spoken in this island nation of Lutruwita, and that is spoken today. Finally, I pay my respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and elders past, present and emerging.