I’ll show you how to write resonant, compelling copy using one of your favourite coaching tools

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In my years as a copywriter and copywriting coach I’ve built up a pretty groovy set of tools and techniques for writing the kind of copy that isn’t just read…but felt

And it turns out that one of the most powerful tools I draw on again and again is the same I use for coaching myself and my clients:

The Model.

If you're already familiar with the Model, and if you write ANY words for your business...this masterclass is for you.

Get instant access for $27 USD
Discover new, specific ways to use the Model to create resonant, compelling copy that you actually can’t f*cking wait to get in front of your best-fit clients

In this pre-recorded 90-minute masterclass, I’ll show you:

  • How to use the model to anchor in the big-picture when you’re writing copy, instead of getting caught in the weeds all the time
  • What’s *actually* more effective than the ‘the right’ words, or ‘technically perfect’ copy (and how this makes it easier than ever to write persuasively)
  • My favourite trick to snap your brain out of 'wonky copy' ruts (perfect for when your copy is feeling convince-y or mehhh)
  • How to use the model to write with alarming specificity ("IT'S LIKE YOU'RE IN MY HEADDD")
  • My go-to for keeping 'writing copy' feeling straightforward and service-fuelled
The result: you'll shift your RELATIONSHIP to 'writing copy'(howyou think and feel about it)*as well* as how you actually write it


Heck yes I’m keen!

$27 USD for lifetime access

In case you’re new to my world…

Hey, I’m Miish (she/her) —

Dairy-farm dwelling Tasmanian, copy nerd, LCS certified coach and human-who-occasionally enjoys-using-the-word- ‘keen?’- as-a-complete-sentence.

Over my years spent copywriting and coaching, I’ve had the redonkulous pleasure of collaborating on home-hitting copy with some of the most values-driven coaches in the personal development industry.

Working with legends like Simone Seol, Maggie Reyes, Bonnie Koo and Melanie Childers (to name a few) has shown me time and again: the most resonant, service-fuelled copy doesn’t get ‘dreamed up’ from someone else’s brain — it gets unlocked and unleashed from *yours*.

In Write Copy with the Model, I’ll share some of my favourite ways so you can do exactly that.

Join me for 90-minutes and change the way you write copy forever.

I wanna write copy with the model

Since working with Miish, I learned that I can actually create copy quickly. 

Having a copywriting expert who understands what coaching clients experience was like having the best of both worlds.

– Erica Ando (she/her)

You won’t just learn a new way to think about copy…you’ll learn new ways to WRITE it

If you’ve heard ‘write with specificity’, but you have no idea how to actually do that… this masterclass is for you.

If you’ve heard ‘speak to the results your coaching offers’, but it never sounds as impactful as what your clients have actually created for themselves…this masterclass is for you.

If you’ve heard ‘say it in the way that your people need to hear it’, but that feels about as easy to follow as a 214-page technical manual on operating a tractor…this masterclass is for you.

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“If copy is the science of the internet, Miish is your brainy professor! 😉 She knows where to make small changes that will change *everything.*

Her insights are simple and brilliant. She can take potential tangled in a huge mess, and lay it out straight, like uncooked spaghetti."

– Monicka Clio Sakki (she/her)

FAQs about Write Copy with the Model

What’s ‘the Model’? Should I purchase this if I’m not familiar with it?

‘The Model’ is a self coaching tool taught by Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School.

If you’ve read this page, and you’re keen for what’s in store for this class but you’ve never used the model before — no problem my friend! As soon as you sign up, as well as receiving instant access to the masterclass, you’ll receive access to a bonus module in Kajabi that covers what you need to know about The Model to get the most from this class. 

How long will I get access to the replay?

You get lifetime access! The replay will live on in your Kajabi portal forever.


Does this masterclass just teach theory, or will I learn how to apply the ideas too?

A masterclass on copywriting without any examples of copywriting is... probs a hard time on your brain to actually implement! 

That's why this masterclass *definitely* includes examples... you'll see real-world copywriting that myself or my clients have created from implementing these ideas.


Get your lifetime access today for $27 USD

“Miish is a partner who not only understands the scale and depth of my vision, but also has the strategic eye to be able to spell it out for the reader in the way that I couldn’t because it’s “too close” to me, while keeping its wildness and magic, without dumbing any of it down. That is an art form, and Miish is a master of it.

The numbers speak for themselves. The very first launch that Miish helped me with brought in $110K. The 5th, brought in $700K.

I will never stop working with her, because every time I do, I make massive amounts of money — and in a way that feels so joyfully in integrity with the heart of my business. It makes deciding to work with her a no-brainer."

– Simone Seol (she/her)