Developing the skills to communicate the genius of your work and deepen your relationship with your offers isn’t reserved for the rare few

Which is why I’m committed to continually making my work more equitable and inclusive.

I’m here to serve you, no matter your race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or ability status.

Just like you, I’ve built my business to make a change for good.

I know my intention means little without a lasting commitment to anti-racism, anti-oppression and striving for diversity, equity and inclusion.

Here’s how the values of diversity, equity and inclusion impact my business

I strive for inclusivity in my language

I don’t use appropriated or harmful language in my copy, and I direct my coaching clients to reconsider their use — and seek education from BIPOC social justice educators — if I observe the use of words or phrases like ‘tribe’, ‘guru’, or ‘spirit animal’ in their copy.

I avoid gendered language throughout my business. I want you to feel welcomed here no matter your gender identity.

I’m building equity into my offers

This includes promoting and running 4+ week-long copy classes for free. I run these classes as though every attendee is a paying client — I bring my best work and share my most powerful concepts and ideas as relevant to the container.

I also create marketing that allows my clients to create the changes and shifts they’re looking for WITHOUT having to pay me to do so. Again, this means I don’t ‘hold back’ in the value of content I share. I share the most valuable ideas I can, for the appropriateness of the container.

There’s no such thing as a ‘one-and-done’ approach to anti-oppression

…and the actions I’ve listed above aren’t magic bullets to being inclusive and equitable

Along with challenging my own internalised self-oppression and unpacking my privilege, I’m committed to actively educating myself about anti-oppression, social justice and equitable and inclusive business practices.

So far, this has included learning from:

  • Sharyn Holmes’ Unpack Your Privilege course
  • Sharyn Holmes’ Inclusive Business group coaching
  • Nicole Cardoza’s Anti-Racism Daily emails and membership, and
  • Anna Hetzel’s Community Camp mini mastermind

I’ve also learned and benefited from podcasts including That’s Not How That Works and Pause on the Play, and read books by Layla Saad and Ibram X. Kendi and Isabel Wilkerson.

I prioritise continual education and expand my white-world-view so I can be in greater solidarity with people who live with marginalized identities

This also supports my goal to create and facilitate an online community (i.e my group program Sales Page Brilliance) to be a safe environment where you feel seen and welcomed.

I uphold a Zero Tolerance policy in any online community I facilitate

I show ZERO lenience or grace towards people who express hate speech and hateful behaviour within my programs or online spaces.

These include any statements that are racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic.

This also includes microaggressions, tone policing, name calling, gossip and bullying.

These examples are by no means an exhaustive list and I reserve my right to remove anyone from my online spaces without notice if I deem them their behaviour to have violated this policy.

When you join any of my group programs, you’ll see (and sign) the same agreement that every client sees, stating their agreement to this. My community guidelines are also shared in my online community space (Slack) to make this position clear and decisive.

Here’s why I prioritise inclusion and equity in my business

I have such deep belief in the opportunity and possibility that being a skilled copywriter creates for you.

When you’re able to effectively communicate

  • Your vision
  • The value of what you offer
  • The impact your work can have in the lives of others
  • Why it’s in your reader’s/listener’s/potential client’s best interests to take you up on your offer….

…and you’re able to do so in a way that honours the sovereignty of who you’re talking to…

That’s when you have the tools to make a sustainable income from making a positive impact on the world in the way that you do.

The world changes exponentially for the better when people with marginalised identities have these skills and feel confident using them to grow their business.

Because when you succeed on your own terms, by following your own rule book, and communicating in a way that aligns with YOUR values, it actively subverts society’s racist, sexist, ableist, heteronormative, neurotypical systems.



My on-going anti-oppression business practice looks like this:

  • Completing DEI audits on any business I’m considering working with or learning from
  • Completing quarterly DEI audits on my own business
  • Continuing my anti-oppression education whether that’s via what I seek out and read, taking a course, or working with a coach or consultant
  • Using my privilege to advocate for anti-oppression, whether on my social channels, within my online community, and outside of my business too.

Here’s what I pledge to do for diversity, inclusion and equity in the future

  • Continuing to create copy coaching materials/offers that are more accessible in price than a 4-figure investment (aka what my current offers cost). As someone who lives with chronic illness, the timeline for this accessible offer is dependent on my health.
  • Paying 1% of my monthly income to grassroots organisations that support the traditional land owners of where I live and work. I commit to paying the rent from the 1st of July 2022, for the life of my business.

I acknowledge and pay my respect to the Palawa — the traditional owners and cultural custodians of the lands, skies and waterways I work on and beneath in my primary place of business in Pataway (Burnie).

I acknowledge and honour Palawa Kani, the language that was spoken in this island nation of Lutruwita, and that is spoken today. Finally, I pay my respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and elders past, present and emerging.