Organise the creative genius of your program/mastermind/course into a coherent, compelling, sexy structure that sells FOR you 


Organise the creative genius of your program, mastermind or course into a coherent, compelling, sexy structure that sells FOR you

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When the downloads for your one-of-a-kind offer are coming in hot and heavy, it can feel impossible to convey the brilliance of it all

But once you have a framework that takes the chaos in your mind and distils it into a sales page that flows, that’s when:

  • You’ll understand the problems your offer SOLVES for, and why it’s so valuable for your best-fit clients
  • Instead of only knowing what content it includes, you’ll also make sense of the results and outcomes your clients create in their lives from those brilliant ideas of yours
  • Your unique process and IP will be showcased in context, conveying your expertise and carving a you-shaped space in the coaching industry

And when those elements come together? You’ll set your business up to sell in a whole new way: WITHOUT relying on your energy to create clients.

Download your brilliant sales page framework now

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This ain’t your average sales page template:

It’s not ‘pain point here’, ‘myth busting here’, ‘Are you ready____?’ question there…

It’s the exact framework I share with my paying clients.

And it’s been developed from the sales pages I’ve co-created which have brought in millions of dollars (yes, really) of service-fuelled revenue.

Which means it’s the foundation to a sales page that

  • attracts your perfect-fit clients —the resourceful, committed people you’re most excited to work with
  • Serves your reader so powerfully that they feel safe, confident and excited to head straight to your checkout page to sign up — no consult or convo required
  • invites you to bring YOUR unique perspective and voice to a form of copy (sales pages ) that so often seems to ask you to squash those glorious gems into the corner instead placing them front and centre
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"Two years later, and I still use this framework every time I write."

“Working with Miish helped me realise what my ideal clients actually need to hear from me to be able to decide to work with me. That’s been SO valuable!

These days, when I sit down to write copy I have this realisation of, ‘Yep, I can do this!’ I don’t have any barriers around, ‘Oh, I can’t launch anything because I don’t know how to write a sales page.’ Now I’ve got what it takes to make that happen.”

– Emilie Gomez, Systems Strategist + ClickUp Alchemist

In case we haven’t met yet...

Hiya, I’m Miish!

(it’s short for ‘Michelle’ and it rhymes with ‘quiche’).

I’m a copywriter-turned-copy-coach.

Which means my super power is supporting you to access YOUR genius to write powerful, service-fuelled copy for your best-fit clients.

I’ve spent years supporting clients to write their OWN magnificent copy. As a result they’ve:

  • Sold out their new offers to perfect-fit clients
  • Created the biggest launches of their businesses so far (to the tune of $700k)
  • Felt more grounded than ever in the value of their offer and how they show up to talk about their work (result: actually *enjoying* their launches)

All of their sales pages? The look and feel entirely unique to each client and each offer

But here’s what they have in common:

This framework.

It’s the foundation for it all.

It’s the structure that begins to bring all the brilliance together.

Download your copy now to start creating your service-fuelled sales page

Help me structure my brilliance

"Miish is my secret weapon"

"I’m already a copywriting expert in my own right, so I don’t work with Miish because I need help coming up with pretty words.

I work with her because I want more than a skilled technician. As a multi-million-dollar CEO, I need someone who can think and imagine at my level… and more importantly, love my clients just as much as I.

In 2020, when I started selling group programs, Miish helped me create the sales page that became the rock to my launches. I bring in consistent revenue without aggressive marketing campaigns because my sales pages are so strong. People tell me over and over again, “the sales page sold me,””I knew after reading this sentence that I HAD to buy from you.

The numbers speak for themselves. The very first launch that Miish helped me with brought in $110K. The 5th and latest, brought in $700K."

– Simone Grace Seol, founder of Joyful Marketing and Sovereign Business Mastermind

"Writing my own sales page is important to me because It gives me a clear direction and key messaging for the rest of my content"

"It’s the hero piece. The grounding piece that keeps your messaging across your other marketing channels consistent. Once you’ve created a magical AF sales page – the rest is easy!

Miish helped me create a sales page that achieved all those things. And on top of that, I’ve become really clear on who I’m speaking to – the one person reading my content, nodding their head, screaming YES that’s me! That’s the MOST IMPORTANT thing.

Miish is a motherfucking magician and I could go on and on about the value I’ve gotten from her support – how about having a framework to create your own sales pages again and again? Or the confidence knowing that you’ve got an epic hero piece that’ll help you create the rest of your content with ease?

I can now whip up a sales page, landing page, email, social media post, podcast, blog – because these skills are all transferable to everything I do for myself…AND MY CLIENTS.

I’ll never be able to sum up adequately what Miish has done for me and my business.

Anyone who gets to work with her is in for the most amazing treat – it’s a business-changing investment.

– Tahryn Bolt, Founder of the School of Content Wizardry

"Miish is not only able to deeply understand your ideal client, she’s also able to connect that insight with the best way to communicate to them"

“Miish is clearly in her zone of genius. She has a very defined way and process of working. She asked some very intuitive questions that led to a deep and meaningful discussion. This meant she was able to provide advice on what would be a better approach for my offers.

I’m so happy with my copy and feel it truly speaks to the heart of the issue I wish to solve. Miish is a godsend and a real professional.”

– Annie Gichuru, Life Coach, DEI Consultant and Story Teller for Women of Colour at Uplifting Studios

"Miish helped me take my ideas, my vision and my voice, and just get it out there"

“She helped me elevate everything I write to a new level of clarity and relatability.

If copy is the science of the internet, Miish is your brainy professor! 😉 She knows where to make small changes that will change *everything.* Her insights are simple and brilliant. She can take potential tangled in a huge mess, and lay it out straight, like uncooked spaghetti.”

– Monicka Clio Sakki, Brand Strategist and Creator of the Sakki-Sakki Tarot and Self-Magic Society

I acknowledge and pay my respect to the Palawa — the traditional owners and cultural custodians of the lands, skies and waterways I work on and beneath in my primary place of business in Pataway (Burnie).

I acknowledge and honour Palawa Kani, the language that was spoken in this island nation of Lutruwita, and that is spoken today. Finally, I pay my respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and elders past, present and emerging.