Sales Page Brilliance is the exact process I use to create sales pages that sell millions of dollars of life coaching

Join me to apply the process to your own brilliance and carve a you-shaped space in the coaching industry

3-day virtual kick-off: 5pm-8pm ET Monday August 29th – Wed Aug 31st
Bi-weekly 60-min Zoom calls: Mondays 6pm ET


$3000 USD

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2 X $1525 USD

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Doors open to the waitlist on August 9th

You’ve developed a level of mastery in your craft. A level where you know beyond a doubt:

How you see things and how you solve problems with *your* particular flavour of coaching isn’t run of the mill.

You didn’t develop this prowess by accident. 


You experimented with new ideas. 


You created breakthroughs — not just for yourself, but with your clients too. 

That's how you know your brilliant coaching offer oughta be impacting the lives of even more of your best-fit clients

But even though you’ve created a sales page for your brilliant offer AND you’re getting eyes on said sales page…you still find it increasingly difficult to articulate the value your best-fit clients actually get from working with you. That’s why for now

  • You rely on doing a lot of the selling in real time e.g on consults, webinars, live QandAs. On one hand this feels great because you love connecting with people. But on the other hand, it feels frustrating AF when sales feel entirely dependent on being virtually face-to-face with someone
  • You know you’re decent at writing copy, but when it comes to talking about your offer specifically, you can tell something must not quiiiiite be connecting. Otherwise you wouldn’t have all these people in your orbit who WANT what you have to offer, but require so much work to feel safe, confident and excited enough to actually hop off the fence and *decide*

And when you read through the sales page itself

  • Some parts sound pretty good! But you know the power of your offer is isn’t being matched by your current copy
  • It ‘ticks the boxes’ of things a sales page ‘should’ have — copy about the features, the faqs, and ‘who it’s for’… but it lacks that ZING that makes you feel proud to direct people to it, time and time again
  • You want it to feel like an extension of the same energy and *brilliance* as what’s in store when your clients actually get inside. But articulating that value in writing feels impossible because you’re too close to see it clearly. 


It’s as though you’ve got alllll this genius and insight about your offer locked in your brain, and no reliable way of releasing it into a compelling, coherent, sexy written form that sells FOR you. 

*what am I meant to do here?!?!?!?!*

I know feeling cock-blocked by your own genius is about as enjoyable as high-fiving yourself in the face with a chair

But the good news is… it ain’t YOU, my friend. 

It makes sense you haven’t ✨miraculously✨ figured out how to use your sales page to give your best-fit client what they need to feel safe, confident and excited for them to be able to *decide* on your coaching offer. 

Because regardless of how much experience and savvy you’ve garnered in this world of online coaching, the truth is…

Making more sales to more best-fit clients with less of your time and energy is a skillset you learn and hone

It requires you to:

Meet your perfect-fit clients exactly where they are, and help them feel seen, heard and understood without infantilizing them or treating them as anything less than the most powerful creators of the universe

Take the level of connection you create in those glorious conversations with your best-fit clients on consults/webinars…and translate it into written form, so your words feel like you’re speaking directly to them

Make the value of your one-of-a-kind offer OBVIOUS to the people it’s here to serve

Provide the kind of clarity that allows your reader to dedicate their precious brain juice towards making the best decision for themselves

…all in the way that only YOU can as the primary translator for the spirit of your business.
No biggie, right? 🙃
But when you create a sales page that brings all this together WHILE sounding like *you* and transmitting the unique energy of your offer, something special happens:

You create a business asset that sells FOR you and anchors YOU into the value of your offer — every day, every week, every month...without purely relying on you showing up real time to create clients

Because once you can organise your creative genius into a sales page that accomplishes all of this

  • 80% of your selling is done. Your job is to simply show up and direct people to the page, which does the selling for you
  • You feel ridiculously proud and excited to direct people to your sales page since it feels like a coherent and complete reflection of your offer
  • Sales aren’t dependent on unwavering levels of belief or how much ‘rah rah’ energy you create
  • Whenever you forget the magic of your offer, you simply read through your own sales page and think — holy SHIT, *I* wanna sign up for this!
  • Launches feel FUN because you know the value of what you’re selling is clear, accessible and OBVIOUS to your best-fit clients

If you’re wondering how I can make such bold claims, it’s about time I introduced myself…

*hiiii!* I'm Miish!

Copywriting coach, launch strategist, and cuddler of cows (that last part has a lot to do with living on a dairy farm in Tasmania).

Over my years spent copywriting, I’ve had the redonkulous pleasure of collaborating with some of the most service-fuelled coaches and creatives in the life coaching industry.

It’s been very cool to play court advisor in the creation of copy that goes on to fuel 5- and 6-figure launches, and fortify 7-figure businesses.

But the part of my work that gets me on the floor, sobbing tears of joy and deep fulfillment is when my clients tell me that the process of creating this resonant, service-fuelled copy roots them back into the magic of their own program/mastermind/course.

It shifts their relationship with their offer.

How they talk about it, how they understand its importance and value…how they SEE it.

And *that* creates a level of ease that they take with them into each launch, without needing to maintain artificially high energy levels.

Naturally, this grounded certainty makes for some prettttty magnetic energy.

It’s the kind of magnetism that results in calling in more best-fit clients than ever, exceeding your financial expectations, and actually enjoying each stage of your launch.

And experience has shown me time and again this isn’t reserved for the rare few. It’s the natural byproduct of discovering how to capture and translate your creative genius into polished form without muting its wildness.

Now I’ve created *just the thing* so you can do the same…


Capture the brilliance of your one-of-a-kind offer in a sales page that helps your best-fit clients feel safe, confident and excited to *DECIDE* on your coaching

Sales Page Brilliance is the hands-on group program where you distil your creative genius into a sales page that doesn't just sell for you, but sells YOU on your own offer, every damn day

During our 15 weeks together you’ll:

+ Write compelling, resonant copy that’s so effective, consults become optional

+ Access your own genius and pull things out of your brain you didn’t even know were there

+ Learn how to write copy that not only helps your best-fit client actually *decide* on your offer, but helps them feel seen, heard and understood throughout your sales page

+ Articulate the results your coaching offers in real, specific and visceral ways

+ Create a sales page that not only carves a you-shaped space in the coaching industry but fills your coaching practice with absolute, best-fit clients

Here’s Simone’s experience of collaborating with me on her sales pages

"Miish is my secret weapon."

"I’m already a copywriting expert in my own right, so I don’t work with Miish because I need help coming up with pretty words.

I work with her because I want more than a skilled technician. As a multi-million-dollar CEO, I need someone who can think and imagine at my level… and more importantly, love my clients just as much as I.

She’s a partner who not only understands the scale and depth of my vision, but also has the strategic eye to be able to spell it out for the reader in the way that I couldn’t because it’s “too close” to me, while keeping its wildness and magic, without dumbing any of it down. That is an art form, and Miish is a master of it.

In 2020, when I started selling group programs, she helped me create the sales page that became the rock to my launches. I bring in consistent revenue without aggressive marketing campaigns because my sales pages are so strong. People tell me over and over again, “the sales page sold me,””I knew after reading this sentence that I HAD to buy from you.”

The numbers speak for themselves. The very first launch that Miish helped me with brought in $110K. The 5th  brought in $700K.

I will never stop working with her, because every time I do, I make massive amounts of money — and in a way that feels so joyfully in integrity with the heart of my business. It makes deciding to work with her a no-brainer."

– Simone Seol (she/her)

Want to write copy that feels joyfully in integrity with the heart of *your* business?

Get on the waitlist

Here’s what it takes to write the kind of sales page that sells FOR you

Step #1

Develop the mindset that creates the most effective copy

+ How you think about what you’re writing is the foundation wildly-effective copy is built upon

+ You’ll learn the specific mindset tools and techniques to get out of your own head to create sovereignty-fuelled, client-centred copy

+ This isn’t about learning some nice-sounding affirmations to stick near your computer — you’ll learn how to embody the most effective mindset for writing effective copy

Step #2

Learn HOW to meet your best-fit clients in their mind

+ Understand ‘Stages of Awareness’ to meet your clients exactly where they’re at, and confidently lead them to where they need to be to feel safe, confident and excited to say YES to your offer

+ Learn how you make decisions, so you can better understand how your clients make decisions

+ Make the connection between your clients’ belief triad (and what that even is) and the most relevant messaging for your sales page

Step #3

Write so your reader feels seen, heard and understood

+ Learn what it really takes to build the kind of trust and connection that emanates from the page 

+ Understand WHY framing is valuable, and how to apply it to any piece of copy you write

+ Finally get clear on what it is ‘about you’ that your best-fit client wants and needs to read on your sales page

Step #4

Articulate your coaching offer in a way that channels desire 

+ Learn the ‘10,000ft -> 10ft’ technique for introducing your offer

+ Speak to the results your clients create within your coaching with laser-sharp specificity

+ Communicate your unique process — the intellectual property of yours that makes your clients’ path to transformation simple and DO-able (even if you’ve never gotten clear on your unique process before)

Step #5

Build the safety, confidence and excitement your best-fit client needs to DECIDE

+ Address the human hesitations that show up when they make their decision WITHOUT lowering your thoughts about the resourcefulness of your best-fit clients

+ Use all the hours of experience you’ve gained from your calls with clients (and consults with potential clients) to KNOW what your reader needs to read before they click through to your checkout page/application form

+ Know when and where to use social proof on your sales page to reinforce the most valued parts of your offer

You’ll work through this 5-step process during our 15 weeks together.

Then you’ll walk away with the words-on-digital-paper-equivalent of someone being able to plug themselves into the energy of your offer and just…get it.

And you’ll be able to replicate the process as your work evolves or whenever you create something new.

Here's how you’ll make your way through the Sales Page Brilliance process

A 3-day virtual kick-off event

We kick off with a 3-day intensive in August.

ET: 5pm-8pm Monday 29th, Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st of August

AEST: 7am-10am Tuesday Aug 30th, Wed Aug 31st and Thursday Sept 1st 

By the time we wrap up, you’ll have unlocked a whole new orientation to your copy, your clients, and your offer.

This sets you up with everything you need to create with confidence and certainty throughout the actual writing part of the process (which kicks off the following week!).

Bi-weekly live workshops or coaching in my Zoom room

Every other week we’ll meet at 6pm ET on Mondays (if you live in Australia, that’s Tuesday mornings). Most weeks we’ll be writing actual copy together and you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions that come up along the way and get on-the-fly feedback.

These bi-weekly calls start Monday August 15th ET.

Calls will be uploaded to your Kajabi portal on the same day so you’ll have easy access if you can't make it live or want to refer to something down the track.

Lifetime access to your online resource library

Every 2 weeks you’ll receive access to a new module. These are made up of bite-sized video lessons (4mins-20mins), and other powerful resources for writing your sales page including check-your-knowledge quizzes, rubrics, real-life examples and prompts.

Access to a cosy community for 15 weeks

Inside our private Slack group you’ll find all the support you need between calls. There’s a specific channel to receive coaching on any part of the SPB process, or if you prefer to talk something over 1:1, the DM feature is there for you anytime!

My brain on YOUR business

Our live cohort is small enough that once you’re in, I SEE YOU (also — hi! My Human Design type is Projector 👋).

A big part of the magic in joining this last live cohort for the foreseeable future is this: I get to know what you and your coaching is all about, and I get to reflect what I see back to you. 

This attention-from-Miish (whether live or asynchronously) also comes with some other groovy benefits. Since you’re working with someone who’s a copywriter and a certified life coach, I’m able to skillfully move between hearing you as your best fit client (with my copywriter hat on) and supporting you as your copywriting coach (while donning my coach beret).



"I became more bold in my words because I had Miish ‘hearing’ me as a best fit client AND sales page coach, and so her responses made a layered connection with me, my offer, my sales page and my voice."

 — Sally Hardie (she/her)


"Having a copywriting expert who understands what coaching clients experience was like having the best of both worlds"

– Erica Ando (she/her)

Personal feedback throughout

As well as being able to get real-time feedback during our workshops, you also get to share copy for feedback as you work through the writing and editing process of creating your sales page.

This feedback won’t just help highlight opportunities to more effectively convey the value of your offer…

It will help reinforce WHY particular copy you’ve written is so resonant/powerful for your best-fit clients. This becomes knowledge and confidence you can bring into alllll the other copy you write for your business.

Sales page copy critique by yours truly

When you submit your sales page before we wrap up on December 9th, you’ll receive feedback on your entire sales page. 

This is the kind of feedback and level of insights I share with clients who pay $3000 USD for 7 hours of my time.

"I’m so happy I joined Sales Page Brilliance because I got to really spend time with my sales page and create a product that I truly put my heart and soul into, and grew WITH."

"I felt like I was Dora the Explorer being taken on a quest, where I was delighted by the treasures of my own brilliance. Miish is one part unconditional cheerleader and another part curious inquirer, getting the best gold out of my ideas.

I loved how she got us answering questions and writing from the beginning, so by the end it was like “oh! My sales page is basically done???”

Now I have the best copy ever! And I’m going to use these skills to help my best fit clients more than ever."

– Coco Madari (they/them)


Delight in the treasures of your own brilliance


And write the sales page that helps your best-fit clients feel safe, confident and excited to *DECIDE* on your coaching 

3-day virtual kick-off: 5pm-8pm ET Monday August 29th - Wed August 31st
Bi-weekly 60-min Zoom calls: Mondays 6pm ET

Doors open to the waitlist on August 9th


$3000 USD

Get on the waitlist


2 X $1525 USD

Get on the waitlist

"I wanted to make sure my audience could fully receive and feel the heart + power of my offerings."

"When I decided to work with Miish, I was ready to inject some fresh energy into an upcoming launch to be able to really see and serve my audience. I wanted to tap into her zone of genius to make sure my audience could fully receive and feel the heart + power of my offerings.

I LOVE that we felt like a creative team! I love that my voice was never curated into a robotic marketing strategy — I can read the full sales page and it sounds exactly like me, to the point that I want to sign up for my own offering – ha! And I LOVE that Miish brings so much genuine JOY and EXCITEMENT to the whole process."

– Tracey Spencer (she/her)

If you want a way to communicate your offer in a scalable way that sounds like you then I *know* Sales Page Brilliance has what you need to get you there

And while I could tell you I have enough certainty for the both of us and leave it at that, I also know that the only way to discover this is to experience it for yourself. That’s why...

Sales Page Brilliance comes with a 14-day money back guarantee

Once we kick things off as a group, you have 14 days to work out if Sales Page Brilliance is right for you.

Decide that it’s not? You won’t be probed with any awkward-turtle questions 🐢.

As long as you’ve taken action on your decision to join (i.e you’ve watched the videos for the first two weeks, and participated in the slack group, even if it’s just to say ‘howdy!’) then simply shoot me an email at [email protected] to let me know.

I’ll refund your money within two working days and continue to rave about your work forevermore 💕


And write the sales page that helps your best-fit clients feel safe, confident and excited to *DECIDE* on your coaching 

3-day virtual kick-off: 5pm-8pm ET Monday August 29th - Wed August 31st
Bi-weekly 60-min Zoom calls: Mondays 6pm ET

Doors open to the waitlist on August 9th


$3000 USD

Get on the waitlist


2 X $1525 USD

Get on the waitlist

"Miish is not only able to deeply understand your ideal client, she’s also able to connect that insight with the best way to communicate to them."

"Miish is clearly in her zone of genius. She has a very defined way and process of working. She asked some very intuitive questions that led to a deep and meaningful discussion. This meant she was able to provide advice on what would be a better approach for my offers.

I’m so happy with my copy and feel it truly speaks to the heart of the issue I wish to solve. Miish is a godsend and a real professional."

– Annie Gichuru (she/her)


In case 15 weeks seems like a long-ass time to spend on your sales page, you should know:

Uncommon things happen when you honour the creation process of your sales page

Because when you treat the creation of your sales page as MORE than a technical endeavour, that’s when

  • You’re able to take the time to download the full extent of your creative genius
  • You have the space to distill your ideas into organised form, and
  • You’re able to pull out the threads that are forever present in your work

Which means you end up with something that isn’t just a chunk of clever-sounding information on a page.

Instead, you create something that’s got a heartbeat of its own — something real for your best-fit people to connect with as they decide on their next move. And something for you to connect with everyday in your business, and whenever you create other marketing pieces.

The groovy byproduct of all of this?

The skills you’ll build along the way show up every time you talk about your work and can be applied to every piece of copy you write.

"Sales Page Brilliance is the program I didn't know was missing in my business."

"I wanted to create a sales page that could extract all of the brilliance that my coaching provides for my people in a clear way where they’re called in & super excited for what’s available for them even before coming on a call with me.

There is so much I wanted to share with my people about exactly how I can support them, in a super clear way. Miish created a container where I could do just that. 

She told us each week that we simply get to focus on coming on the calls and following the lessons & the sales page writes itself. 

Boy was she right. She prompted us each week with the most skillful questions that allowed me to create a Sales Page that practically wrote itself – without feeling the weight & pressure sorting through all of my millions of thoughts & putting them in one place.

I wanted a sales page that people can come to & immediately feel like they are coming home to themselves. This is exactly what I created in the Sales Page Brilliance.

Now I feel so lit up by my offer. I have so much certainty & confidence in what I offer & how I can help people so darn powerfully."

– Dr. Elizabeth Levitin (she/her)


"Writing my own sales page is important to me because It gives me a clear direction and key messaging for the rest of my content."

"It’s the hero piece. The grounding piece that keeps your messaging across your other marketing channels consistent. Once you’ve created a magical AF sales page – the rest is easy!

Miish helped me create a sales page that achieved all those things. And on top of that, I’ve become really clear on who I’m speaking to – the one person reading my content, nodding their head, screaming YES that’s me! That’s the MOST IMPORTANT thing.

Miish is a motherfucking magician and I could go on and on about the value I’ve gotten from her support – how about having the skills to create your own sales pages again and again? Or the confidence knowing that you’ve got an epic hero piece that’ll help you create the rest of your content with ease?

I can now whip up a sales page, landing page, email, social media post, podcast, blog – because these skills are all transferable to everything I do for myself…AND MY CLIENTS.

I’ll never be able to sum up adequately what Miish has done for me and my business.

Anyone who gets to work with her is in for the most amazing treat – it’s a business-changing investment."

– Tahryn Bolt (she/her)


"The skills I learnt from Miish I use every time I write. Working with her has honestly been the best investment in my business."

"Working with Miish helped me realise what my ideal clients actually need to hear from me to be able to decide to work with me. That’s been SO valuable!

I’ve created another sales page since our series finished, and I actually like it! I know it’s going to resonate.

These days, when I sit down to write copy I have this realisation of, ‘Yep, I can do this!’ I don’t have any barriers around, ‘Oh, I can’t launch anything because I don’t know how to write a sales page.’ Now I’ve got what it takes to make that happen."

– Emilie Gomez (she/her)


Sales Page Brilliance isn't the right fit for *every* life coach

Give this round a miss if…

  • You loathe writing copy for your business and would outsource it in a heartbeat if given the chance
  • You haven’t coached clients yet OR you don’t feel *mostly* confident in your abilities as a powerful-AF coach
  • You hold the belief that *anything* persuasive is inherently manipulative (if so, I’m wondering…are you my dad-in-law? And…how did you make it so far down this page?!) 

On the other hand, this is THE program for you if

  • You’re in love with your offer, but you forget to spend time reminding yourself why it’s the fucking best (most days it just lives in the back of your brain instead of flashing in neon at the front of your mind)
  • You see yourself as the primary translator of the spirit of your business
  •  You don’t just want to learn how to craft persuasive words…you want it to feel joyfully in integrity with the heart of your business. You want it to feel like an extension of your coach and client relationship, not something distinct and separate that you ‘gotta get through’ before you can start serving your clients
  • You’re not too shabby with marketing in general/you can get eyes ONTO your sales page (Sales Page Brilliance is focused on the ‘decision-and-commitment’-part of marketing/sales rather than the relationship building that goes on throughout your regular marketing)
  • You’re willing and able to set aside ~2 hours a week for most of our 15 weeks together
  • You want to develop copywriting skills that serve you for the life of your business



Know that Sales Page Brilliance was created with YOU in mind

"This process helped show me the gold I was producing and really allowed me to *own* my sales page."

"I lost my dread of the looming sales page, and I increased my clarity of voice and of what my clients needed to hear. 

I became more bold in my words because I had Miish ‘hearing’ me as a best fit client AND my copywriting coach, and so her responses made a layered connection with me, my offer, my sales page, my voice…

Miish’s feedback and her questions throughout helped to get me out of my head and into my clients’ WITHOUT getting into their model, or writing copy to people please.

I was always in love with my offer in my head and heart and now I’m in love with it on paper :)"

– Sally Hardie (she/her)


If your curious, resourceful brain is wondering…

YEP, you could totally go at this solo

But expecting yourself to quickly become proficient at articulating the brilliance of your offer in a way where your sales page does most of the selling for you, launch after launch, or 24/7 if you’re selling an evergreen offer…

Well, that’s kind of like expecting yourself to be fluent in Japanese after watching one season of Tokyo Diner.

Business-propelling skills, like the ones you’ll learn in Sales Page Brilliance, take time and focus to learn.

I’ve distilled the most valuable skills I’ve honed in my years co-creating million-dollar copy into the 5-step process I teach so you can learn them in 15 weeks.

You don’t need to spend another 30 launches trying to pull all the pieces together as you fail and learn on your own.

You just need a willingness to commit 2 hours of imperfect, 'B-grade' focus most weeks between now and early December, and the desire to supercharge your ability to write wildly effective copy that you're EXCITED to share with the world.

Supercharge your ability to write wildly effective copy that you're EXCITED to share with the world


And write the sales page that helps your best-fit clients feel safe, confident and excited to *DECIDE* on your coaching 

3-day virtual kick-off: 5pm-8pm ET Monday August 29th - Wed August 31st
Bi-weekly 60-min Zoom calls: Mondays 6pm ET

Doors open to the waitlist on August 9th


$3000 USD

Get on the waitlist


2 X $1525 USD

Get on the waitlist

"Miish helped me root back into the confidence I needed to write truthfully about what I’m creating"

"Before working with Miish I was confused and overwhelmed by everything I wanted to fit into my sales page for my latest offering.

The first thing I noticed from our work together was the clarity that came.

Now I know what the most important parts of my story are, and what my dream dream dream client needs to know to feel both safe and excited for the offering.

I find it easier to think more clearly about my customer as I write, and I understand how the words are serving her before she even signs up!

Miish really helped me understand the true value of what I’m creating and how powerful it will be for the women who join. She helped root me back into the confidence I needed to write truthfully about what I’m creating – with no fluff, no icky-ness and most importantly to me – no ‘pain points’ or manipulation."

– Emma Rose (she/her)


"Miish helped me take my ideas, my vision and my voice, and just get it out there"

"I love writing my own copy, but I have a hard time finishing it. Miish helped me take my ideas, my vision and my voice, and just get it out there! She truly knows how to listen, and gets you. And does so quickly. Her changes elevated everything I wrote to a new level of clarity and relatability.

If copy is the science of the internet, Miish is your brainy professor! 😉 She knows where to make small changes that will change *everything.* Her insights are simple and brilliant. She can take potential tangled in a huge mess, and lay it out straight, like uncooked spaghetti."

– Monicka Clio Sakki (she/her)



I haven’t created my offer yet… but I KNOW what it is. Is this program for me?

You don’t need to have sold your offer before, but you MUST have worked with clients similar to the ones you want to attract to your new offer.

If you’re like ‘yep, that’s definitely me!’ — EXCELLENT! By investing your time and energy into the sales page creation process, you’ll get crystal clear on what it takes to make your best-fit clients’ transformation inevitable, and how to communicate that to them.

Plus, you’ll spend 15 delicious weeks getting all up in the energy of your offer and tuning into how it wants to come through into the world. 


How much past copywriting experience should I have?

Whether you’re already a brilliant copywriter, or copy is still a mysterious, alluring, sexy skill you’d like to master (kinky!)…

What actually matters is how lit up you feel about the offering this sales page is for.

If it’s something that seems good on paper but doesn’t create any bodily sense of loving urgency to get it in the lives of the people who’ll benefit from it most… then this might not be the program for you.

On the other hand, if you get that visceral reaction when you think of the value of your offer…

If you know it in your head and want to be able to translate it clearly for others…

Then that’s exactly what Sales Page Brilliance will support you to do.

When are the calls?

We'll have our 3-day virtual kick off from 5pm-8pm ET Monday August 29th - Wednesday August 31st. Then from September 12th, we’ll meet at 6pm ET on Mondays every other week.

If you’re in Australia, that’s Tuesday mornings.

What if I miss a call?

Calls will be uploaded in your private Kajabi portal the following day.

How much time do I need to put aside?

Around 2 hours a week.

Our bi-weekly calls go for 60 mins each week, and each module contains about 60 mins of lessons, divvied up into 4-20min chunks. 

Outside of this, expect to prioritise an hour per week to write/implement what we cover in the workshops/recorded lessons.

Is this only if I have a group program or digital product? What if I sell 1:1 coaching? Or a membership?

As long as you have a solid sense of the problems your best-fit clients experience (which your offer solves for), Sales Page Brilliance will teach you the process to create a sales page that sells for you, no matter if your offer is a group program, 1:1 coaching, a membership or anything in between.

What happens after I join?

Once your payment has been processed via the checkout page, you’ll have officially secured your spot inside! Next, you’ll receive an email from me with your handy-dandy welcome packet, followed by an email with your login information for your private Kajabi portal.

The day before our 3-day virtual kick-off, you’ll receive an invite to our cosy Slack group.

How does the copy critique work?

You’ll be able to receive feedback on your sales page THROUGHOUT our time together — and at the end, you’ll get the opportunity to receive a full copy critique of your entire sales page. For this to happen, you’ll need to share your sales page Google doc with me by December 9th. 

Then you’ll receive my comments/suggestions by the end of the following week!

Is there any kind of guarantee in case Sales Page Brilliance isn’t the right move for my business?

There is indeedy! Once our private Slack group kicks off, you have 14 days to work out if Sales Page Brilliance is the right fit for you.

If you watch the content/recordings shared in those two weeks (which includes the 3-day kick-off and module 1) and participate in the Slack group (i.e introduce yourself) — and realise it doesn’t offer you genuine value for where you’re at in your business —hit me up at [email protected] I’ll process a full refund within 2 business days.


I’ve got another question…

No worries! Whirl it my way at [email protected]

Questions answered and ready to make your move?


And write the sales page that helps your best-fit clients feel safe, confident and excited to *DECIDE* on your coaching 

3-day virtual kick-off: 5pm-8pm ET Monday August 29th - Wed August 31st
Bi-weekly 60-min Zoom calls: Mondays 6pm ET

Doors open to the waitlist on August 9th


$3000 USD

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2 X $1525 USD

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Fancy seeing you all the way down here!

Maybe you’re just reading my sales page for fun since I’m professing to be pretty decent at writing these things…

But maybe you’ve found your way down here at the bottom because you

  • Want to sign up but
  • Aren’t sure if this is the right next move for your business, right now…

If this is ringing true then…niiiiiice! Considering what’s best for your business is a sweet sweet place to come from when being discerning. (PS — your business called. Told me to tell you, ‘I love you! Thanks for thinking of me’).

So here are some questions I like to ask myself before making the call on any decision that carries more weight than ‘wtf do I make for dinner?!’

First off, it’s worth asking yourself if joining Sales Page Brilliance would result in investing your time and energy in a way that jives with your highest self-concept as a business owner e.g “I’m someone who writes copy and people GET IT. My words RESONATE. It’s EASY to express myself and my coaching in written form.”

If the answer is ‘yes’, then my other question for you is

…if there was no such thing as a ‘wrong decision’…

…if fulfilling, feel-good success was inevitable whether you chose to secure your spot in Sales Page Brilliance today or not…which option would you *want* to choose?

If your internal compass is still pointing this way...


And write the sales page that helps your best-fit clients feel safe, confident and excited to *DECIDE* on your coaching 

3-day virtual kick-off: 5pm-8pm ET Monday August 29th - Wed August 31st
Bi-weekly 60-min Zoom calls: Mondays 6pm ET

Doors open to the waitlist on August 9th


$3000 USD

Get on the waitlist


2 X $1525 USD

Get on the waitlist