Ever wondered what it takes to create an email sequence that takes your best-fit clients from ‘in your orbit’ to over the moon about your offer and actually deciding ‘YES!’?

Join Email Brilliance and glide step-by-step to ‘legendary human whose emails that do the thing they’re supposed to do’


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It’s not your first email rodeo

You’ve got real-life humans on your email list (heck yesss!), and you’ve EVEN been known to email them (nice work!).

But despite knowing you can physically ‘do the thing’ — write and send emails during a launch/enrollment period — the other part of it doesn’t feel so easy.

The part where those emails take your best-fit clients from ‘interested’ to ‘decided and signing up right now’,

It’s like there’s some kind of mysterious gap between the actions you take (emailing your people) and the results you get (making sales from said emails)

*ooooo mysterryy*

So while those emails you write and send are SOMETIMES effective at doing what you want them to do…

You don’t always know why or when or how or what it was you said that helped your reader make their decision.

And when it works, you’re not sure how the heck to replicate your magic for future emails WITHOUT it feeling like a mix of slogging it out and throwing spaghetti on the wall.

Writing emails that sell does NOT have to feel like this ^^

There’s something you should know….

You didn’t accidentally miss the class in school that teaches ‘how to write sales emails that don’t stink of bro tactics’.

There isn’t some secret society you never got an invite from, the one which tells you how to make emails do what they’re supposed to do.

So it makes sense that this whole ‘writing sales emails that jive with my personal and business values’ thing feels overwhelming, confusing, or ‘too hard’-basket most of the time.

Here’s the good news:

Giving your focus to creating ONE powerful sales email sequence can be the difference between accidentally watering down the value of your coaching as you ‘wing it’… and finally feeling comfortable selling, email after email

When you take a step back from the expectation to ‘write a heap of random emails’ and focus on writing ONE sales emails sequence - which is a fancy term for a series of emails sent out over a limited time period with the specific goal of selling one offer— you not only end up solving the 'overwhelm and confusion' part of YOUR side of the equation…

It makes it easier than ever to support your BEST-FIT CLIENTS to actually *decide* on your coaching offer too.

And here’s the EVEN BETTER news:

There ARE powerful, practical, email-copywriting-specific-skills that allow you to repeatedly create emails that sound like you, feel easy to write, feel fabulous to send out, and result in SALES

And learning and implementing said skills play a BIG role in filling that mysterious gap between your actions and results.

Because once you know—

  • How to map out out your emails in a way that serves allllll the different types of decision makers
  • How to use YOUR stories and your clients’ stories in a way that feels fun for you to write and fun for your reader to read
  • The easy way to actually write your emails
  • What it takes to make good shit even better (aka, how to optimise your emails)
  • Plus, the answers to all those little-and-not-so-little things you wonder about emails (how many emails should I send? At what time? What if I’m selling without a sales page? What should I write in each email? Etc etc)...

That’s when you’ll have the confidence to use your emails as a powerful tool to be more of who you are, provide more value for your readers, and sell more of your coaching than ever before.

This reason^^^^ was my *very* compelling ‘why’ behind deciding to create the program (secret society?) that supports you to do exactly that.


Create a sales email sequence that sound like you, feels delightful to send out, and results in actual sales

Email Brilliance is the live 6-week coaching program where you’ll create ONE powerful sales email sequence that sounds like you and actually sells your coaching.

How? By learning how to plan, write and optimise a sales email sequence that your people LOVE to open, read and take action from.

Here’s a sneak peek of what it could feel and look like for you after 6 weeks of Email Brilliance...

“In this program Miish completely got me back into MY brilliance, not some other “templated version” of myself.”

"I had a launch coming up and knew I wanted support in my email sequence, and I knew I wanted Miish to help me. She is so brilliant and helping you be more you (definitely what I’m all about), and that’s what I wanted. 

Before joining Email Brilliance I HATED the salesy, “sequenced” approach that I felt like I had to take. 

It got me too much in my head about writing and what I wanted to say and therefore I kept feeling blocked and I know I didn’t sound like me. It just wasn’t fun or the way I wanted to do it. 

Since then, SO FREAKING MUCH has shifted for me! In this program Miish completely got me back into MY brilliance, not some other “templated version” of myself. 

I loved the way Miish uncomplicates everything in Email Brilliance. Getting to write things live or following along on the calls and writing along with Miish was so valuable. Her simple and straightforward questions are LITERALLY YOUR BEST FRIEND when it comes to writing copy. 

Now, writing an email is so easy, it takes 10 minutes on average. It’s fun, full of play, and is so me! 

And now I have so much more confidence that whatever I want to say next is brilliant and it doesn’t ever have to be complicated. 

 Miish helps you get your message to as many of your people as possible and she does it in a way that has integrity, and centers the client experience and the heart-led marketing that is beginning to lead our world.

– Melanie Hill

Email Brilliance is where you’ll learn everything you need to know about ‘how to write emails’ and ‘how to make the emails do what you want them to do’ WITHOUT having to add a million fast-action bonuses or complicated strategies

Here are the 4 steps you’ll follow during our 6 weeks together:

1. Plan it out

You’ll learn

  • How to plan your email sequence - how many emails to send, how many days, how much time between each one
  • What messages you need to convey for YOUR unique offer
  • How to decide which messages to communicate when, and why (and what ‘messages’ even ARE)
  • The differences between nurture sequences, welcome sequences, funnels, live launches etc
  • How to test whether you’ve picked the ‘right messaging strategy’ before you start writing
  • How to map out and decide your messaging strategy in 30 mins or less
  • How to use this planning to unleash your creativity and uniqueness instead of squashing the fun out of writing and sounding like every other forking funnel out there

2. Decide on stories and social proof to share

You’ll discover

  • Why stories and social proof are valuable in sales emails and when to use them
  • How to choose what social proof and testimonials to use in your sequence and how to make it easy to access when it comes to write your emails
  • How to unlock a goldmine of stories from your own life, no matter how boring, mundane or irrelevant you think your day to day existence is
  • How to collect more social proof and testimonials to share in your emails WITHOUT asking your clients to come up with more words
  • How to think up brilliant stories you feel confident sharing that AREN’T about you or your clients

3. Write your emails

This is where you’ll learn

  • How to start writing your emails
  • What to have at the START of your emails
  • How to write and structure the rest of your email (and x examples of different structures you can play with for inspiration)
  • How to get an email written from start to finish in 45mins
  • How to work the social proof you’ve got into your emails in a seamless way
  • How to NOT get tripped up trying to fit your email to the ‘goal’ of the email
    What your email must include so it actually ‘converts’
  • How to write a compelling call to action in your email without cringing at yourself
  • What you gotta include in your emails when you’re not directing to a sales page

4. Optimise it

This part is all about making good shit better. You’ll learn

  • How to come up with original subject lines people will actually open. Aka, how to create DELIGHT and CURIOSITY with your subject line
  • Easy ways to increase the amount of people who actually click through to your checkout page/application page/sales page
  • How to assess whether your emails are working once they’re up and running
  • What to do if any emails aren’t ‘working’
  • How to make edits so your emails do a better job at capturing your readers’ interest and holding their attention

“Now I love writing sales emails!”

Before Email Brilliance I hated writing sales emails. They felt "salesy" and I felt like I had to take a deep breath before writing them. I was confused about CTAs and how to make them sound natural.

 Now I love writing sales emails! I would actually rather write them than my usual "value-creating" newsletter emails. I really like having an intention for each email, which I didn't before. I like having a plan, even if I didn't stick to it. 

I’d taken copywriting courses in the past and I could see how their advice related to their examples. But when it comes to applying the info to my own writing, it's really hard. The personal feedback was great because I could see how you were reading my writing. 

Before Miish promoted this course, I'd considered taking an email course that was a fraction of the price of Email Brilliance. 

I ended up not taking it because I was afraid I'd feel like I had to write like this (well known copywriter). 

 So when I saw Miish was offering Email Brilliance I jumped on it because I knew she would never suggest I write the way she does. I knew she’d honor my voice.

– Erica Ando


Here’s how you’ll go from ‘where to fuck do I start?’ to ‘confident email copywriter for your coaching business’ in 6 weeks

6 x 60-min workshops/ masterclasses from May 16th, 6pm ET (that’s the morning of May 17th if you live in Aus).

These focused calls are where you’ll make your way through the 4-step process (plan it, find stories, write it, optimise it), plus you’ll get the opportunity to get live feedback from me as you go.

Unlimited ‘Ask Miish' access — want my take on a decision you've made re your email strategy?

Or my personalised take on how you've applied what you've learn from Module 2, lesson 2?

Or my take on any other question related to your sales email sequence strategy AND emails?

Submit your Q via kajabi anytime during our 6 weeks together and I’ll shimmy my personalised answer and thoughts to you within 3 business days.

4 x 60min power hours — in weeks 2,3,4 and 5 you'll get the opportunity to join me for a copy coaching call - bring your questions, bring your blank docs, bring any ideas you want to flesh out or write on...and we'll do it, hot seat style!

These will be held in alternating timezones — North American-friendly times in weeks 2 and 4, and Euro/Africa-friendly times in weeks 3 and 5

5 power-packed, super digestible training modules 

As soon as you join, you'll get instant access to 4 of the 5 power-packed training modules of Email Brilliance.

Each module is made up of *bite-sized* recordings that answer all of your burning questions when it comes to writing emails that sell.

Most lessons are 6 mins or less — which means you can get what you need quickly and easily, and apply it STAT.

Exclusive access to my google doc templates and resources - you know what sucks? Wasting time setting up your google docs in a way that makes the writing part EASY.

My template will help you keep track of which emails you’ve written, what ideas go where, what social proof you’re using in which email etc, which ones you/your VA has uploaded etc. So you can ditch the overwhelm and just…write.

Lifetime access to all recordings and resources in your Kajabi portal, as well as access to any future updates or bonuses.

For people who've joined previous rounds, that's already included access to the new pre-recorded modules, and two bonus resources — so the sooner you join, the more benefits you get!

PLUS, the moment you claim your spot, you’ll get instant access to these two killer resources

Launch Email Dossier

Ever wanted to ‘read between the lines’ of mighty effective launch emails?

The ones that sound like a human wrote them, don’t feel ick, and actually result in sales?

The Launch Email Dossier gives you an annotated walk through of some of my most effective sales emails (including emails I’ve sent for the launch of Email Brilliance #meta), and other sales/launch emails that I've received and loved.

Each email has a step-by-step breakdown of what was going on 'behind the scenes' so you can apply the nuggets and ideas to your own emails. 

Social Proof Request Scripts

The awesome things clients say on your coaching calls, the comments they make in your private fb group or slack channel, the testimonials and feedback requests you never got around to sending to your past clients…

You’re probably swimming in social proof, yet wondering ‘GAH, how do I ask to use this in my marketing without feeling like an annoying weirdo?’ 

That’s where THIS bonus comes in.

Enter: the scripts, the mindset, and the safety-building skills that make it super easy to not just 'get' permission to share or illicit social proof...but make it feel emotionally chill too. WIN!

You’ll knock out brilliant emails simply from reading through, and implementing the game-changing insights from these two resources

You get immediate access to these two bonus resources when you claim your spot inside this round of Email Brilliance


And create launch emails that sound like YOU, feel forking delightful to send out, and result in actual sales.


$2500 USD

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2 X $1250 USD

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Email Brilliance will teach you how to write THE email sequence that sells your coaching, whether you’re selling 1:1 or group, and whether you’re selling all year round, or during specific launch periods

If you’re selling 1:1 all year round, you’ll create a week-long email sequence your new subscriber receives once they join your list — one that helps them decide to book a consult or apply to work with you.

Similarly, if you’re selling a group program year round (e.g, a lifetime membership), you’ll create a week-ish-long email sequence that results in your newest subscribers deciding to join/apply, even if they’re new to your world.

And if you’re selling a program with distinct cohorts and enrolment periods, you’ll create a 5-7-day-long email sequence that takes your people from ‘aware your offer exists’ to *decided* and *signed up*.

The email sequence you write during your 6 weeks together can be reused in your business again and again and again

If you launch multiple times a year, you can use what you create over and over, because like a Toyota engine…emails that work, will continue to work. (Gawd, I never expected to be someone to use a car analogy, but here we are).

Because you’ve put in the thought and intention, and implemented the skills it takes to create emails that do what you want them to do… those emails will continue to resonate with the people you’ve designed them to resonate with.

And if you launch the same offer more than twice a year and you WANT to give the humans on your list something fresh to read — you’ll have the skills and process to whip up different emails that sell the same offer.

(not to mention — if you have a new offer, or multiple offers, you’ll be able to create all the sales email sequences you damn well fancy. Because it shan’t be a mystery any longer.)

“Now I have the skills to write emails that combined with my sales page have made me over $200k with no consults since April 2022. It feels good to write them and good to send them.”

“I used to be so afraid of sending emails

It seemed like one of the most dangerous things to my brainwhat if I sent too many emails? What if I bothered people? What if I was doing it wrong?

Since working with Miish, that’s all changed.

Now I'm like, ‘I can't stop writing emails!’ There’s no lack of emails coming out of me.

Before, writing them either felt like I was bossing my reader around to do something, or as though I was so desperate for them to say yes to my offer that I sold it in a way that felt graspy, gross and annoying. It used to feel like I was tricking them into buying from me.

Now I have the skills to write emails that combined with my sales page have made me over $200k with no consults since April 2022. It feels good to write them and good to send them.

There’s no trickery and writing things is so much easier now.

Plus, I’m clearer than ever on what my messaging is, and what people get from working with me.

In less than a year, by creating email sequences that direct to my sales page, I went from selling only on consults, to clients spending $5,000 on my group program without ever needing to talk to me.”

– Heather Hammel

“I wanted my email sequence to be badass and have a professional specialist's eyes on it. I didn’t wanna waste hours and hours of my own time”

“So I decided to work with Miish because I knew she was a badass copy coach and I was overwhelmed by the idea of creating a whole email sequence.

I wanted it to be phenomenal and my expertise isn’t copy, so I was worried I’d waste a ton of time for a subpar product if I did it on my own. I wanted the sequence to be amazing while spending my time optimally.

I’m so glad I did because Miish’s tweaks and suggestions really helped me make my copy come to life.

Now, not only do I have an amazing email sequence that signs clients, I feel more confident in my offer and I feel like I have a ton of ways to explain how I help people. I know how to use the words of my best-fit clients which will resonate with more people exactly like them.”

– Stephanie Rosenfield




$2500 USD

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2 X $1250 USD

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Will this teach me how to write a ‘nurture sequence’?

No, but you can create an email sequence that your new subscribers receive.

This program isn’t focused on creating a general ‘nurture sequence’ as such. There are a million different interpretations for all the different names of different kinds of email sequences… but *I* think of a ‘pure nurture sequence’ as a set of emails that builds connection with your newest subscriber.

The focus of Email Brilliance goes beyond building connection (though connection's a key element).

It’s about helping someone make the decision to buy from you during a distinct period of time, even if that period of time is 'the first 10 days after joining your email list'.

So think of what you’ll be creating in Email Brilliance as “a set of emails sent over a short window to promote a particular launch/offer — different from your regular email broadcasts.”

The main point is that there is a) an offer or call-to-action and b) a limited-time period that the emails will be sent.

That’s what the focus is of Email Brilliance. It can applied to live launches AND to a sales sequence that gets sent to your newest subscriber.

When are the calls?

6pm ET Tuesdays for our weekly workshops.

(This is 8am Australian Eastern Standard Time).

You'll receive an email to let you know when the recording is waiting for you in your Kajabi portal, within 12 hours of our workshop wrapping up.

I don’t live in North America so the times are shite for me, Miish — should I join if I know I don’t want to be up at sparrow’s fart for the live calls?

What a unique, Australian turn-of-phrase you’ve used there, my friend.

Even if you can’t make the live workshop calls, you'll still have the opportunity to join me for two sixty-minute power hours that are friendly for timezones outside of North America. 

Plus, as you progress through the power-packed module recordings, you can get in touch any time through the 'Ask Miish' form in your Kajabi portal — I even make it easy to know how to make the most use of this feature in case you're like 'erm, what kind of help can I ask for?' (my brain does this too.) Once you submit your Q, you'll get a personalised response from me either in written form or a short Loom video recording within 3 Australian business days.


Do I get lifetime access?

Yessiree, you most certainly do.

You’ll have access to your Kajabi portal with our workshop calls, and the pre-recorded, bite-sized lessons for each module.

How do the bonuses work?

The Launch Email Dossier and Social Proof request Scripts are two bonuses you get instant access to as part of your enrolment in this round of Email Brilliance.

The Launch Email Dossier is the annotated breakdown of launch emails that I’ve either written, or come across in my time as a fervent launch-email nerd. So you’ll be able to read compelling, human-sounding emails and get insight into WHAT’s going on behind the scenes/below the surface of the copy so you can apply those ideas to your own emails.

Social Proof Request Scripts gives you the the scripts, the mindset, and the safety-building skills that make it EASY to get permission to share and feature all that glorious social proof you're probably swimming around in, but don't even realise is there.

You’ll see both these bonuses waiting for you inside your Kajabi portal, which you get instant access to the moment you claim your spot.

I’m wondering about something else that isn’t covered here…

No wukkas! Email me at [email protected]

Questions answered and ready to rock n roll?



$2500 USD

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2 x $1250 USD

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